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as a busboy and had sex with jon bon jovi in a broom closet. >> i was his ass clown. i thought the only thing it needed was an over wrought, unfunny comedy film with kevin specey as his character in that show and pointless cameos with people we don't know. oh wait it did have that. it was for half an hour and it would not stop. the whole thing took forever. by the way, sarah palin is calling her own family ass clown. for the last two years her husband and daughter have become. she just went to the parties afterwards. so she got rid of the correspondents and just hobb knobbed. >> number one, it did feel like wanna bees exercising the velvet rope that excludes the rest of america. and my velvet rope includes you. >> we can't scroll down. >> that is not a cigar. >> i want to make a point. nobody there got drunk. what was missing was people vomiting and what happened during the great party was people get [bleep]. >> they don't serve alcohol? >> i was there last year and the year before. but they don't get wasted. >> they were eating at my table. >> that is the whole point. if america would watch
and weirdly enough prince and jon bon jovi. he has several different acts that he does. he's also, he says he's a mensa member. he appears to be a marshall artist from his pictures on facebook. he's also apparently a former prison guard. >> well, we are going to put one of his videos of elvis impersonators on elvis where viewers can go and watch the video. does he have a criminal record, is he known in the community and what's his beef with president obama or the senator, if you know? >> i do know he has a criminal record. i spoke with the county sheriff randy, and he said mr. kurtis, we've had him in our jail about four times. mostly misdemeanors, but 2008 he had an arrest for telephone harassment and stalking. the sheriff said he's pretty sure from his dealings with him he has some pretty serious psychological issues. i have not necessarily been able to find what his beef is with the president. but he did have a rant online about senator wicker. and just talking about how he had run into him and tried to tell him about some of his grievances and that the senator seemed nervous when he was a
. >> tiger woods in that group and jon bon jovi in his group. i was there for four days and it was non-stop celebrities. >> just next door to little ricky's, martin opens his own film production company. >> charles' office was deck dant. decadent. he had $25,000 desks filled with expensive wine, cognack johnny walker blue. he wanted to impress. and it was impressive. >> he invested in an independent film called "breaking point." >> why are you even asking me about this [bleep] for. i ain't seen him in a long while. >> narrator: shot on location in new york, martin lavishes money on the film and its stars. boyar recalls a time martin's more conservative partner, jack walsh, confronted martin about an unexpected charge in a hotel. >> there was $20,000 worth of damage and jack said well, we're not paying for this. and charles said well, you've got to keep the talent happy. >> martin may fancy himself a hot shot producer, but perhaps he should be paying more attention to his forex brokerage. in june, 2007, the association conducts a routine audit. it's the first crack in the facade that wi
in the past with substance abuse. >> but it could be creative differences between jon bon jovi and richie sambora. they are friends for a very, very long time. >> ever s them live? >> first show i ever saw live. i think it was with poison. the interplay with them is very good. i think in the 2011 tour, there were some shows where richie sambora did not perform. we'll see. >> for more on jon bon jovi, visit >>> dallas mavericks owner mark cuban has talked about drafting brittney griner, all american with the baylor lady bears. greiner is open to cuban's offer. tweeted this. so, when do i show up for tryouts? the ball in mark cuban's court. >> she is great. i would like to see her do it. >> she's great. >> ahead on "starting point," shocking prison footage to tell you about. inmates with guns, shooting up drugs, caught on video with a smuggled cell phone. how could this happen? >> and disgraced cyclist lance armstrong heading into competitive sports, but not riding a bike. details when "starting point" comes back in a few moments. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with nigh
. >> jon bon jovi's apartment is up for sale. >> before we go any further natalie is standing by with a look at the morning's headlines. >> good morning again matt, savannah and al. >>> rutgers university just announced they have fired mike rice who was seen on videotape shoving players, throwing balls at them, and using gay slurs. an earlier decision to fine and suspend coach rice was wrong. >>> military threats, north korea this morning barred south koreans from crossing it's border. this move comes county day after the north said they would increase production for nuclear weapons. the just navy moved a guided missile destroyer to the north pacific. >> and released from the hospital on tuesday and tweeted that he is going back to his brothers. we'll have an interview with him tomorrow on "today." hillary clinton did an appearance with joe biden for the first time since she has stepped down. although it was largely her audience, mrs. clinton was kras gracious in her praise of biden's work. >> the widow of jim hanson died monday after a battle with cancer. they worked together
the first. jon bon jovi is going to be there i think the criticism came because last year, lindsay lohan came and people had a big problem with that. >> just see her? people -- >> i interviewed her. but the problem -- it is what it is. it got attention. everybody was talking about the white house correspondents' dinner. the point is you're raising money, it gives out scholarships. all year, deal with d.c., bring glamour. let's loosen up a bit. >> the other side of this, my colleague, tom brokaw, talking to politico about the dinner. take a listen. >> there was more dignity at my daughter's junior prom than there is what i'm seeing on c-span here. then we got to the point where everyone had to bring in whatever page 6 celebrity happened to be around. for me, the breaking point was lindsay lohan. she became a big star at the white house correspondents' dinner. give me a break. >> what i find most interesting about mr. brokaw's assessment isn't that it's gone to the celebrity dogs, so to speak, instead of bringing all a-listers, d.c. bring nuts c and d-list celebrities. what do you make of
berg of dreamworks. "huffington post" has governor chris christie along with musician jon bon jovi. george condon is a journalist with the "national journal." we talked to him about the history of the dinner. here is what he had to say. >> how did the white house correspondents dinner evolved? >> the correspondents association started in 1914 because they were terrified that president wilson was going to have press conferences and he would pick who would come there. they wanted to regain control. that crisis passed. 10 years went before they started the dinner in 1924. it evolved from a very small dinner, only a couple hundred people. members could only bring one , and it had to be a person of high official position. it has changed quite a bit since then. >> the first dinner was in 1924? >> yes. presidents always attended the yearly dinners. they were promised, you do not have to give a speech. residents didn't want to give speeches, and they could just enjoy it. it was very much modeled after the gridiron dinner. there were songs between every course, skits. they made a movie that
man jon bon jovi. >> there have been reports for a long time that's been happening behind the scenes. hard to imagine them not being together. >> yeah. >> they've been together for 30 years. >> the band's not called sambora. >> oh, team bon jovi over here. >> i'm just saying. hello? >> but bon jovi has always included everybody. can you imagine living on a prayer without that guitar? ♪ >> oh, your mike -- >> higher. >> i don't have a voice. we already talked about this this week. >> but it doesn't stop you. you continue to sing. >> completely uninhibited. >> yes. >> i admire your courage. >> come on, can we do this whole hour in karaoke style from now on? i'm the only one that wants the built-in karaoke machine in here. >> i'm not from jersey. >> come on. feel it with me. >> maybe you and sambora should go out on tour like that. >> that would go over so well. >> you need a picture of your perm. >> i did have an '80s perm. >> i bet you did. >> i had the tight, tight curls. >> i bet you did. watch the versatility here as natalie goes from the perm to the news. >> comb the hair down a
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)